What can teacher do to incorporate ICTs in their teaching?

Answer: By creating a Webquest for their students.

What is a Webquest?

“A Webquest is an inquiry-oriented lesson format in which most or all the information that learners work with comes from the web.” (http://webquest.org/) To create a Webquest, you have to choose a website that will allow you to design and publish your quest for free. Here are some examples of sites that you can use: WeeblyWix  and Yola.

Once you chose a site, you can begin to create it. You will have to choose or create your background. Then, you will have to design 6 or 7 sections: introduction, task, process, evaluation, conclusion, credits and teacher page. However, you can add other sections if you want to. Here is a link that can help you design each of your sections. Also, you can take a look at this example to have an idea of what a Webquest looks like.

According to Vanguri, Szymanski Sunal, Wilson and Wright from the University of Alabama, this kind of activity gives to students the opportunity to use technology to complete a certain task. The reason why is that they will have to navigate on Internet to find the information to be able to do the Webquest. However, the researches students have to do are predetermined by the author of the Webquest because he/she will have included links to consult. One advantage is that with this kind of assignment, students have the opportunity to work on it outside of class because everything is on Internet.

As mentioned in Ahmed Hassanien’s paper, a Webquest is an “activity that helps students to learn through gathering, analysing and evaluating information from teacher-nominated Internet websites.”  Moreover, a Webquest is a tool that is used to improve the quality of teaching and learning. It is possible to create this kind of activity for every school’s grade. The teacher just has to choose the subject that seems the most interesting for his/her students. Also, these Webquests motivate the students because they are a different type of activities. It is unusual for them to complete a task on the computer from the beginning to the end.

Also, Lisa suggested that the Webquest created by the teacher do not need to be completed only individually. He/she can design one to be completed in teams of two or four. Thus, it will be even more interesting because they will do the project in teams and they will have the right to use the computer. All their interests will be put together.

My opinion about Webquest is that is it a good way to motivate the students to complete a particular task because technologies are part of their life. Every day, they use their cellphone, their iPod or their computer. Thus, they are used to work on computer and it will not be a big deal to explain them how it works because they already know it. In conclusion, it is a good way to motivate students with an interesting task that they will enjoy to complete.