What is Delicious?

How is it possible to keep track of the website you consulted and that you will need in the future?

Many people will say: “Well put links in your favorites.”

This is a good idea. However, if you work on another computer you will not have access to those links. What can you do to make this possible? The solution is to use Delicious, a bookmarking website. The advantage of this website is that it is free and you can access to it regardless the computer you are using. To use the website, you have to create an account and you have three options: with your Twitter account, your Facebook account, or with your email address. However, Delicious does not work with folder to classified your bookmarks, it works with tags. You can tag your bookmarks with more than one tag if you want to, it would be easier to find them after. Here is a tutorial to help you understand if you have difficulty to create an account and understand how the tags work.

Now, how can it be used in classroom?

According to Melanie, you can use Delicious with your students to do a project. I agree with her. Students can use Delicious to store the websites they will need to write their text or do their report. For instance, if they do the project in teams they can share their links with their teammates. If a member of the team works on the project at his/her house and save links on his/her own account. The other team members can go on his/her account and look at the pieces of information found by the person. Also, the teacher can follow each student. This will allow him/her to stay aware of the progress of the students’ work.

Also, according to Chris O’Neal, Delicious is a great tool because it gives you access to bookmarks of people you do not even know. The example he gave was that if you are a 4th grade teacher and you want to do a project on volcanoes with your students. You save a link and tag it volcanoes. Then you will be able to see how many people had saved a link under the same tag and it will give you access to their bookmark library. If you look at the other libraries, you might find one of another teacher that did the same project that you want to do and find interesting links that you could use. I personally think that it is a great tool for that, but also because you can share your own links with your colleagues. If you are two teachers that teach in secondary 3 and do the same project with your students, you could each find some interesting websites and share them with the other teacher. This way the students in both classes would have access to the same materials.

Andi Stix, an educational consultant & coach, also suggested another idea of how to use Delicious in classroom. Her idea is to use this tool to engage students in active learning with role-play. For instance, you want you students to choose the best video out of four for a museum exhibition. As the teacher you will have do research on your own to guide your students. You will have put your links under a certain stack. They can look at other things like videos or blogs, but you want them to have the same bases. To do so, your student will create their own account on Delicious and then you will share the material with them. After, the students will have to discuss with their team to share their ideas. For me, it is a good way to create interactive project, because the website is easy to access and accessible to everyone. Moreover, it will allow the students to have access to the materials from their houses. Also, you can share information with your student not only for a project, but in the everyday life. For instance, you do a class on irregular verbs and you had found a great video about that subject. Well, you can share it with them through Delicious and they will be able to watch it as many times as they want to. So, it can be useful to share any kind of materials with your students.


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