Using iPad in classroom !


There is already some interactive board in the classes, but what will be another way to make classes interactive?

Answer: To use an iPad in class.

People would reply, but how can I use an iPad in my class?

Here is the answer.

There are many apps that you can use while teaching. However, do not try to find apps that will teach the subject for you because you will not find any. What you have to do is find apps that will help you teach the subject to your students or maybe will help you realize project with them. For instance, you want to make your students do a movie in teams of four because you want them to practice their oral interaction. Well, there is an app that you can use for this called iMovie. This app allows students to film, edit, produce and share their movie on iPad.

Another app that you can use is Strip Designer. This app is used to create comics. It is a good way to have your students practicing their writing and having fun at the same time because their goal is to create a comic not to write an essay. The task is more interesting for them thus they are more motivated and they will put more effort in their work that if it was just a writing production.

Moreover, many schools ask their students to bring their own device like computer or iPad. If every student has his/her own iPad you can adapt your teaching to every student in your classroom. To make this possible you have to choose apps that will best respond to the needs of your students. If your students are listeners, you can find an app where you can record your lesson and then share it with those students so they can listen to it at home. Or if some of your students learn more through tactile interaction, you can find apps that will allow them to manipulate the information in order to learn. (

Another app that you can use is iTunes U. This app will allow you the teacher to build your course on it. Also, your students can have access to this app so you can share materials with them. For example, you can create a lesson plan for the next class and your students can see it before they come to class. You can post all their homework assignments on this app. If you share a video with them, they can listen to it and take note that are synchronized with the lecture. An advantage is that they can bring their iPad everywhere so they have access to everything you share with them all the time. For instance, if you decide to change the date of an exam, they will receive a notification that indicates that you modified something.

One advantage of using the iPad in ESL classroom is that you can find apps where students can record themselves reading a text aloud. Then, they can listen to their voice and particularly to their pronunciation. After, the app will tell them the right pronunciation for words they mispronounced. It is a good way to learn the right pronunciation of words of a new language. (

With the iPad, no need to use a mouse or a key board, everything is at your fingertips!




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