How to make timeline fun for students to do?

Well, make them use Timetoast.

Timetoast is a free website that allows you to create timeline as much as you want. As a future teacher, I think that using this website can make it more interesting for the students to create timeline. So, first of all, you have to go to the website to create your account. It is really easy to do. Here is a tutorial that you can watch if you have difficulties to register or understand how it works. Once it is done, you can begin using it.

Timetoast can be used to do many things. One thing that you can do as a teacher is to create a timeline where you will put all the homework assignments that your students have to do for the next class. Also, you can put all the upcoming exams they will have in the next month for example. I think this a good way of using it because often students will not write their homework in their agenda and they will forget to do one worksheet that you gave them. Moreover, they will arrive the day of the exam and they will tell you that they did not know there was an exam today because they did not write it in their agenda. Doing a timeline will solve all those problems.

A way to make your students use it is to do a project on their favorite author, singer or actor. First, they choose the person they want to do their research on. Then they find information on internet and after that they make a timeline of the person’s life.  Example: when the person is born, when did he/she become a celebrity or a famous author, etc. After, you can take the celebrity of every student and make a big timeline of when everyone was born or entered the world of famous people to see who became popular first.

An interesting fact about Timetoast is that you can add pictures about your event that you are adding to your timeline. It makes it more interactive for the students and more interesting to present to the rest of the class after. You can also add links to your event. If you talk about something in class and you ask your students to go deeper in the subject, you can put links on your timeline to guide their research.

However, when you register for free you cannot share your timeline with people. A solution to this problem is that the account you create can be only for your class. This way you can give them the username and the password so they could have access to the timeline you publish. An advantage of having only one account for the whole class can be that if students work in team, each team can create a new timeline for their project and all the students can have access to the work of their classmates. However, you have to explain to your students that they work on their own timeline and if they go see their classmates’ work they have no right to modify it. Also, if you have a blog that you can share with your students you can embed the timeline on it. It is another way of making it accessible to everyone. Finally, when students do project, they can print their timeline and hand it in to you in class.




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