Prezi, a new version of Powerpoint?

It is really hard for a teacher to adapt his teaching to every student. Some are visual, others are auditory and some of them need to manipulate things to learn. Every student is different and learns differently. However, for teachers it is quite easy to adapt their presentation to students who are visual and auditory because it is possible to do both at the same time. A couple of years ago, before technology evolve, the teachers were using acetates as a visual support to explain their subject. Today, most of them use PowerPoint as a tool for visual support while they are teaching. Nevertheless, PowerPoint is not the more attractive visual support, there is a new one that just came out called Prezi.

As a future teacher, I would use Prezi and suggest it to my future students for many reasons. This online presentation tool offers three possibilities of registration and one of them is free.  This free option makes the tool available for everyone. One of the advantages of Prezi is that instead of making your presentation on many slides, you create a big map with all your information. When you want to do a Prezi you can use the background canvas the tool proposes or invent your own. Then, you can create bubbles where you can write, you can also import pictures, PDF or any files you have on your computer. After, you are done creating your map, you decide what you want to present first and what will follow. This way, you will be able to move around your map easily.

Another advantage is that you can zoom in and out. This allows you to focus on the most important information. For example, it this Prezi, there is a “slide” that has the word coccinelle in it and if you focus on the point of the letter “I”, you can see the picture of a ladybug. That way, the student will be able to know what the word represents. Also, another way to use the zoom would be: you build your presentation and, in it, you put some examples and you can even put further explanations. However, when you do your presentation to your students, you do not zoom on the examples and explanations because you are giving them aloud. But after the class, you can post your presentation on the portal of the school where every student can go and when they will review for an exam they will be able to go see those examples and explanations if they do not remember what you said. (

Also, students are often asked to do mind map on texts they read. There is already many websites that exist for this purporse like Popplet, but Prezi is also an interesting tool because it allows you to move easily around your map. (

It is now your turn to try to use Prezi and make energetic presentations for you student!


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