Why using Dropbox

I discovered Dropbox when I was in Cegep. I used it with the members of my team. It allowed us to share everything we were doing like articles and also the websites we were consulting. It is really simple to use. You just have to download Dropbox on your computer (https://www.dropbox.com/install this link is for PC, but it is easy to find the link for MacBook). You have to create an account, and then you can create a folder that you will share with the people in your team or with who you want to share your stuffs. After, you just put your word documents in it for example and everyone can see it. An advantage is that the people can look at your document, change thing if it is necessary, save it on Dropbox and you will be able to see the modifications. This is only one utility, but there are way more than that.

As a future teacher, I think that it can be very interesting to use this tool with students because it is really easy to use and free. If the students are doing a big research project in teams of four for example, they can create a Dropbox file that all the team members will share together. Also, they will be able to share the folder with the teacher. This fact will make it really easy for the teacher to keep track of how the project is going on, how they work together, etc.

Another way of using it is to create a folder for each of your classes. In those folders, you can put material seen in class, exercises, and important dates. Every student will have access to this folder and will be able to see what you post. Moreover, you can add a place where the students could ask their questions and everyone could benefit of the teacher’s answers or their peers’ answers. Often, teachers pass a lot of documents in class and there is always one student that loses his/her document. Next class, they arrive and say that he/she didn’t do his/her homework because they had lost their document. Sometimes it is true, sometimes it is just a reason for not having done their homework. So, if after each class you put the documents distributed in class on Dropbox, students will have no reason to have not done their homework (http://www.billselak.com/2012/dropbox).

Furthermore, the teacher can create a folder for each student of his/her class. In this folder, the student will hand in assignments or projects. Only the teacher will be able to see it. Then he/she corrects the homework, marks it and after the student can see his/her grade and the mistakes he/she had made or each student can do a portfolio that he/she will share with his/her (http://www.kentonlarsen.com/2013/09/using-dropbox-in-education-50-million.html).

It is also possible to use it for our own personal stuffs because you can have access to all the things you put on Dropbox from any computers, smartphones and iPad.  Example, if you begin to prepare an exam at school and you don’t have time to finish it before leaving for home, you save it on Dropbox. When you will be at home, you will be able to open the file on your own computer and finish what you had begun (http://plpnetwork.com/2012/08/10/dropbox-a-superb-classroom-tool/).

So, Dropbox is a wonderful tool to use in class because it’s easy to access and use.


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